About Us

Historical background

Christ life church is the vibrant church arm of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries. It is an oasis of life where people find meaning for their lives and empowerment for successful victories Christian living. Thousand of souls have been saved, numerous miracles have been wrought in the mighty name of Jesus and hordes of heaven - bound believers are making positive impact in their circles of influence as they are fed with the sincere milk of the word at Christ life church.


The foundation

In 1993, brothers Francis wale Oke, as he was known then, brought together a team of seven (7) spirit filled believers including his wife Victoria to meet every week to serve as the prayer back - up for his nation - wide evangelistic programmers and crusades ongoing since 1976. These included the two staffs of the sword of the spirit ministries at that time. The meeting held at the ministries' office somewhere at Ring Road Ibadan, which later moved to No 46 Old Ife Road, Loyola Ibadan. Brother Francis made it a point of duty to return home from the field of evangelism to teach this group about prayer and to lead them to pray. His second book and best seller "Alone with God" was a product of these early meetings.


Gathering of his people

Before long, this small team began to grow, until it was over eighty (80) people meeting every week. Brother Francis then disbanded them asking them to go to churches around because, according to him, he did not want to be a pastor. He however retained the original seven (7) so that the prayer fire could continue to burn to support his evangelistic effort nationwide. The group began to grow again with a new set of converts, added each week as the man of God ministered. After disbanding the group the second time, the Lord gave His servant a revelation, rebuking him for sending His people away who were hungry for the bread of life which the lord had given him to distribute from that time, he was no longer going to send people away.

The word came

IN 1984, while studying the scriptures, the Lord spoke to him from II Chronicles 36: 23 that one day, he was going to use him to raise a great church in Ibadan, his Jerusalem which will impact the whole world. The church did not start that year. but the fellowship continued with an introduction of Wednesday as prayer meeting while Monday became Bible Teaching time.

The Church


The Beginning

In the first week of February 1989, while ministering in Lagos, Bishop Francis Wale Oke was praying in the guest house where he has lodged (ECWA Guest House, Yaba) when the Lord told him that the time has come for the church in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria to start. The announcement was made the following Monday to the fellowship and on Sunday 12th February 1989, Christ life Church started at 46 Old Ife Road, Loyola Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. the first service had about 200 people in attendance and Bishop Francis Wale Oke took his text from the sermon preached from Matthew 16:18.The topic was "I will build my Church".



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    Sunday Service: 10:30am
    Friday Service: 7pm - 9pm (Bible Study)


    Community Service
    Every Friday 6pm-7pm
    Elementary School (year 2 - 6)
    Every Saturday 3pm - 5pm
    Price: FREE